Gas Pressure Lanterns, Lamps, Stoves, and Irons

Welcome to my website. This website is an image collection of models of liquid fueled pressure lanterns, lamps, stoves, heaters, and irons. To date this website includes contributions of 2663 images from 364 collections in 20 countries. All appliances in the collections of others are so identified.

I hope you'll find the website useful in identifying your gas pressure appliances. The appliances are arranged by manufacturer and usually by the country or region of the world in which they were made. Within each manufacturer's appliances I have tried to arrange them chronologically. The appliances reveal a rich history in the many ways that their designers solved problems of containing and moving fuel and air to burners.

The photo in the logo was taken by E.C. Marsh in southern Ohio in the late 1950's using the light of his Coleman 200A lantern.


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