Coleman US lanterns 2001 - present

The badge on the fount of this Coleman lantern
identifies it as a 286 Original Edition, (Serial) No 0973.
The model number on the collar is 286A700T;
the instructions there are in English, French, and Spanish.
This lantern, in Michael Merz's collection, is dated April 2001.
Note the unusual metal globe.

Model 200B747 was a Limited Edition lantern
to members of the International Coleman Collector Club
on the 100th anniversary of the company.
100 YR COLEMAN is spelled in holes in the collar
and has a variety of Coleman logos on the globe.
This lantern, in Tim Treutler's collection, is date stamped Aug. 2001.

Model 295 continued to change cosmetically compared to earlier versions above.
This 295-700T, dated Feb. '2002, is finished in dark green,
lacks the Powerhouse Dual Fuel fount decal,
and came with the green plastic case, which is dated 2001.
This lantern is in John Kemmis's collection.

Coleman made this Peak 1 Model 3022 lantern
with little change from the earlier 222-226-229 series
that was first made in the early 1980's by Coleman - Toronto,
then by Coleman - Wichita.
This lantern, in Clayton Heiderich's collection,
is date stamped November 2002.

Coleman in Wichita made this Model 290 lantern for the Canadian military,
Matthew Reid believes, as it came from a Canadian Air Force Base
and has the M prefix in the model number.
It appears to be the same as other model 290 lanterns (see above)
except for the plain Coleman parallelogram label on the fount.
It is date stamped Sept. 2003.

Coleman has produced several different versions
of gold or silver plated lanterns
using models that were in production at the time.
These lanterns were used as gifts or for recognition purposes.
This unengraved Model 288, in Dan Boschen's collection,
is date stamped Dec. 2004.

Coleman has been making a series of Season's lanterns for the Japanese market:
the brown 2005 Winter lantern, Model 200B644J, dated Aug. 2004 (left);
the blue 2006 Winter lantern, Model 200BA65J;200BA66J, dated Oct. 2005 (center left);
the yellow 2007 Winter lantern, Model 200BA67J, dated Sept. 2006 (center right);
and the black 2008 Season's Lantern, Rock Limited Edition, Model 200BA68J, dated Aug. 2007 (right).
These lanterns are in Michael Merz's collection.

Model 285A was manufactured by Coleman
to run on Coleman fuel, unleaded gasoline, or E-10 gasohol (10% ethanol).
The label to the right of the Coleman logos says Select E Fuel under an ear of corn.
Matthew Reid, whose collection this is in,
finds that only the generator has a 285A prefix in the parts list.
This lantern is dated April, 2006.

The Heritage Lantern, Model 3000000101,
included a limited release to International Coleman Collectors Club members
who attended the 2007 convention.
This lantern, No. 0212, is date stamped Oct. 2007
and is in Brien Page's collection.
The collar notes to use generator 288A5891.


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